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Communicating with the World Through Music: Moon Su-jin

Super Band II, a talent show that moved many people’s hearts with its music, is coming to an end on October 4th. Amazing musicians gathered to show their talents, and the way they enjoy and love music impressed the audience. Interestingly, one of the Super Band II contestants has a close tie with Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU). Today, the Sungkyun Times (SKT) will introduce Moon Su-jin, a singer-songwriter who expresses herself through her music.

A Proud Kingo, Moon Su-jin

Q1. Please introduce yourself.

Hello, I am Moon Su-jin, majoring in Media and Communication at SKKU. My stage name used to be MOON, but I changed it to my real name.


• 2018.10. 31 MILLION (Feat. Dok2)

• 2019. 8. 24 Day n Nite

• 2020. 2. 21 Woo

• 2020. 5. 26 2NIGHT

• 2020. 10. 21 Walk in The Night (Feat. Zion.T)

• 2021. 4.11 The Moon (Feat. TAEIL of NCT)

Q2. You are majoring in Media and Communication at SKKU. Why did you choose the major, and when did you start to dream of becoming a singer?

I have always dreamed of becoming a singer since I was young. I was a girl who liked to sing alone at home. However, because of my stage fright, I had to give up my secret dream. Later, when I went to high school, I focused on studying with a vague hope of wanting to work in a cultural field to develop my interest in the music and entertainment industry. From then on, I had the dream of running an entertainment and mass media company, so I decided to major in either Business Administration or Media and Communication.

Q3. You took time off from school to prepare to be a singer. What made you decide to do that?

What kind of worries did you have at that time? I started to do anything I could do to become a singer. I had no definite musical goal or plan. At first, I signed up for a famous music academy in Gangnam, which was known for holding auditions for music agencies. I took a number of auditions for two to three months there. However, as I communicated with the agencies, I realized that the image of a singer they wanted me to be was far from the one I imagined. Therefore, I took a leave of absence between 2015 to 2018, while thinking I would make my own music. At that time, my biggest concern was, “What kind of music should I make? And how should I prepare myself to achieve it?” I pushed aside the worries about the academic progress. I was lucky on this point since my parents supported all the school expenses so that I only had to make some pocket money with a part-time job. My parents understood that music was what I really wanted to do, and they encouraged me to go with my dream. I would have to graduate sometime, but I thought continuing study was not an immediate concern.

Q4. What was the most helpful activity you have experienced at SKKU?

It was the experience of working as an official ambassador of SKKU called Alimi. As I proceeded with campus tours and school information sessions in front of many students and parents, the fear of standing in front of people gradually diminished. By the end of the term, I could finally overcome my stage fright. As a result, I got the courage to be a leading player like singers rather than just supporting artists or musicians in the cultural industry, which I used to dream of in the past. Then, I began my career as a musician.

Singer-songwriter Moon Su-jin (MILLION MARKET Official Instagram)

Moon Su-jin, a Singer with an Unrivaled Color of Voice

Q5. What do you think is the strength that made you a successful singer?

One of the most memorable moments while preparing to become a singer was when people told me how good my voice is. They truly recognized the value of my voice and the potential I had as a singer. All this support made me believe in myself, and this faith always made me feel positive and patient. If I have to explain how I could be successful, I would say it was because I learned from looking back and, at the same time, made progress from looking forward.

Q6. What was the most challenging part of being a singer?

I once dreamed of running a cultural business company and studied related theories at college. Therefore, I think the most difficult thing for me is the concerns I have as a singer and a producer at the same time. As a singer, I have concerns about creating and showing the best performance, and as a producer, I agonize over how to promote and sell my performance effectively.

Q7. There are many lyrical and resonating songs among your collections, such as Walk in The Night and The Moon. Not only as a singer but also as a singer-songwriter, where do you get your musical inspiration?

I get most of my musical inspiration from sensuous and intuitive elements. The music of other artists has always had a big impact on me. Sometimes I take notes, especially when I want to deliver a message via music. However, most of the time, I throw out random spontaneous melodies, and I put the lyrics to those later. What I especially pay attention to is harmonizing the melody with the lyrics beautifully in a rhythmical aspect. I reduce unnecessary parts as much as possible and focus on making them beautiful as a song. Therefore, basically, I tend to focus on creating a beautiful melody and harmony rather than on the songs’ narration.

Moon Su-jin’s 5th Single Album (MILLION MARKET Official Instagram)

Q8. On Super Band II, you have shown a lot of new aspects as a band member, not as a solo artist. What made you try working with a band? Please explain if there is anything new you felt through the experience of enjoying the band.

When it comes to music, I usually listen regardless of genres, from pop to K-pop, so I often listened to band music. I challenged myself to participate in Super Band II, thinking, “What would it feel like to work with different performers in a band?” Also, the desire to be on the stage served as momentum. Through the experience of Super Band II, I was able to realize that harmonizing with various instruments requires a lot of effort. Also, Super Band II is the first TV show I have ever been on. I realized that there are many unexpected obstacles on the stage and that I needed to know how to overcome them physically and mentally.

Moon Su-jin and Super Band II (JTBC Music Youtube Channel)

Moon Su-jin’s Future that Will Shine as Bright as the Moon

Q9. You have released a lot of R&B songs. Is there a new aspect you want to show in the future?

I do not want to confine the artist Moon Su-jin to only the R&B genre. I want to be a boundary-expanding artist by keeping myself in the whole art field, making various musical and visual works.

Q10. What kind of singer do you want people to remember you as?

If I had one wish as a singer, it would be to see people feeling something purely through my work. It could be certain emotions, but if it cannot be pinpointed, I think it would be enough to just get some feeling, and be as positive as possible. I consider myself a pretty lucky person, so I want to share the fortune that I have or will have for those who happen to be less lucky.

Q11. Any last words for Kingos?

Don’t be afraid. Even if you are, accept it, focus on what you can do right now, and move forward step by step. Enjoy the process, including every little step you take. I have heard that specific goals are nothing but only a certain point. If you enjoy the process with the impression of that moment, you will be able to exist longer in the present.

Having a dream is a very important thing in life; sometimes, it becomes poisonous to overthink about the future. Therefore, rather than falling too deep into the swamp of worries, why don’t Kingos listen to favorite songs and forget worries for a while? Just like Moon Su-jin, a young girl who dreamed of becoming a singer eventually achieved her dream, the SKT hopes that the future of Kingos will be also filled with bright moonlight.

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